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Automotive Sales Data By Brand

Quickly find the vehicle sales for the major car brands across the world. Automotive sales reports and stats you want for ever car brand we could find. We also rank brand sales in each market with added commentary and analysis. Over 140+ global car brands included.

Automotive Brand Hubs

Find out how many cars the top automotive companies sell by auto market. Total sales by company. In this section of the site, you can find a databank of auto sales data for the major automotive brands. We look at the top automotive brands and their vehicle sales data globally. Region by region sales data by brandr is broken out in easy to read tables and charts. We look at sales, market share and growth rates. Model popularity and segment growth can be volatile in the automotive space (just look at the rise of electric cars and SUVs). That is why some of the most popular reports we create are those for specific automotive brands. These reports remove the segment bias and trends and instead look at the performance of specific auto brands when it comes to sales across their entire portfolio. We compare monthly, quarterly and annual sales numbers as well as useful charts and tables to make analysis easier. To find the report you need, simply click on the brand you want and you will see a report for each of the markets they compete in.

U.S Brand-Specific Sales Data, Charts & History

Dive into each automotive brand to see how well they did in the United States market. We look at their historical performance by month and annually for all major brands operating and selling cars in the U.S. In this section of the site, you can find a databank of auto sales in the United States since 2003 for every brand and every model, with sales per year and per month compared to the previous year. For some brands the statistics even go back as far as 1970. If you have access to reliable data of brand and/or model sales figures for time periods that we haven’t yet published, please get in touch with us to expand our database. Further down below, you’ll find links to the sales data pages of each brand that has been sold in the United States in the past decades. Click on the brand below to see its US sales from the past to the present. Or use the drop-down menu at the upper right hand of this website to see sales specified by model.

Europe Brand-Specific Sales Data & History


China Brand-Specific Sales Data & History


Canada Brand-Specific Sales Data & History

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