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International Top Level Reports

Automotive Sales Data & Reports by Country

The most complete vehicle sales data by country. Includes 180+ countries, 360+ data tables and interactive charts. A database of auto sales data for virtually every country in the world. Included commentary and analysis.

Africa Car Sales Data (Country Level Reports)

The African car market has shown potential for growth over the past decade. Increasing urbanization, improving economic conditions, and a rising middle class have contributed to the demand for automobiles. However, the market is relatively small. In Africa, the market is largely dominated by used cars as affordability plays a crucial role in choices.

Australia / Oceania Car Sales Data (Country Level Reports)

Australia is the largest car market in the Oceania region. The Australian automotive industry has seen stable growth over the last decade, with car sales influenced by economic conditions, consumer preferences, and government policies.

South America Car Sales Data (Country Level Reports)

Brazil is the largest car market in South America and has a significant influence on the region's car sales. Other key markets in the region include Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Peru.

International Automotive Markets - Regional Sales Figures & Reports

In this section of the site, you can find automotive sales data since 2005 for virtually every country in the world, broken out at the regional level.

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