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2017 Canada Auto Sales Figures – By Brand (Brand Rankings)

2017 Canadian Automotive Sales by Brand – The Best-Selling Automotive Brands By Sales Volume

Here you will find the rankings of all the major automotive brands and corporations selling vehicles in the Canada market. Each month we compile the sales data and reports for North American markets and analyze it to create the best selling list below. Note that the data trickles in throughout the day early in the month and we will update you in real time as we get the data.

It’s official – more than two million vehicles were sold in Canada in the year 2017. Consumers in Canada bought 2,041,266 vehicles in the 12 months to the end of December 2017, representing a 4.5% growth in the Canadian auto market for the year. As a sales month, December 2017 actually fared just under 1% worse than December 2016, with none of the top-three brands posting year-on-year growth for the final month of 2017. All the top-5 brands grew over the course of the year however; Honda, Chevrolet and Nissan in third, fourth and fifth overall for the year outpaced growth of the auto market as a whole.

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