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Yema Sales Figures – China Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Yema in China

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Yema Sales Data, Trends & Analysis for the Chinese Automotive Market

Yema is a brand of Yema Auto, a subsidiary of Sichuan Automobile Industry Group since 1994. Most of Yema’s line-up since 2008 is based on the ancient platform of the 1980s Austin Montego/Maestro. Read more about this interesting story in our Post-retirement in China article. Find sales figures for the Yema T60T70T80E70Spica MPVF10F12F16F99.

Yema China Sales Figures & Recent Highlights

Yema (野马) is a Chinese automobile brand owned by Sichuan Yema Automobile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sichuan Automobile Industry Group since 1994. Yema was founded in the 1980s and began producing automobiles in 2002. The company’s headquarters and main manufacturing plant are located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Yema cars are known for their affordable pricing, stylish design, and comfortable interiors. The brand’s most popular models in China include the Yema T60, a compact SUV, and the Yema T70, a mid-size SUV.

Yema’s vehicle range has traditionally included a mix of compact cars, sedans, and SUVs. Some industry observers have noted that certain Yema models seem visually inspired by designs from more established global car brands. Such designs have sparked discussions on intellectual property and design originality in the automotive world. Yema has also ventured into the electric vehicle (EV) segment, showcasing its intent to remain relevant in the evolving automotive landscape.

Yema positions itself as a brand that offers budget-friendly vehicles for the Chinese market, catering to customers looking for affordability. The brand primarily targets lower-tier cities and rural areas where the demand for cost-effective vehicles remains robust.

Yema Annual Sales, Growth and Market Share in China

Below we have a table that shows total Yema sales volumes for the Chinese automotive market, broken out by year. This data captures all Yema vehicle sales for the entire Chinese automotive market.

Year Sales YOY Change Marketshare Marketshare Change
2012 5,116 0.00 0.04 0.00
2013 8,510 66.34 0.06 27.51
2014 12,326 44.84 0.08 22.00
2015 40,783 230.87 0.22 65.46
2016 39,212 -3.85 0.18 -23.41
2017 32,446 -17.25 0.14 -26.27
2018 30,967 -4.56 0.14 -0.96
2019 23,949 -22.66 0.12 -18.15
2020 19,824 -17.22 0.11 -11.70
2021 14,942 -24.63 0.07 -43.54
2022 11,445 -23.40 0.06 -33.56

Yema China Annual Sales Units & Growth Chart

Below is a visual representation of Yema Chinese sales units over time. We have both the Yema sales units and the market share in the Chinese market. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

Yema China Growth Rate & Market Share Chart

Below is the annual growth rate for the Yema brand in China, shown against the Yema’s marketshare changes in China. This gives you a good look into how Yema has faired against the other brands in terms of absolute sales and effect on marketshare. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

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