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Landwind Sales Figures – Europe Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Landwind in Europe

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Landwind Sales Data, Trends & Analysis for the Europe Automotive Market

Landwind was the first Chinese automaker to export cars to Europe. As early as 2005, a batch of 200 Jiangling SUV’s was shipped to Europe to be sold under the Landwind brand. The Landwind X6 SUV was a clone of the Opel Frontera, which was a copy of the 1998 Isuzu Rodeo, and it was equipped with Mitsubishi engines. Despite its poor fuel efficiency and lack of refinement, the company took a few hundred orders for the car.

Landwind Europe Sales Figures & Recent Highlights

However, when the German Automobile Club ADAC performed a crash test with the Landwind, the car failed miserably as it became apparent that the driver wouldn’t survive a head-on collision at 64 km/h (40 mph). The car was also tested by the German TÜV, who proved that it met all European safety standards. The ADAC results were highly publicized all over Europe and effectively killed the reputation of Landwind and other Chinese automakers looking to export to Europe. Customers cancelled their orders and Landwind pulled out of the European market in 2008, promising to return with safer and improved vehicles. Brilliance befell a similar fate a few years later with an ADAC crash test.

In 2010, Landwind returned with the CV9, a midsized 6-passenger MPV, based on the Landwind Fashion, for the same price as a subcompact car, designed in Italy and with engines and gear boxes developed in Germany. It was the first Chinese car to obtain a EU type approval, meaning it can be sold in all 27 countries. Landwind has 16 dealers in The Netherlands, 9 in Belgium and 6 in Germany as of early 2014. The Landwind importer had originally planned to sell 1.500 cars per year in The Netherlands, but only 181 have been sold in all of Europe in 2013, after a slow start at 39 sales in 2012.

Then again, the Fashion sold only 288 units in China in all of 2013, while for example the Wuling Hongguang minivan sells over 60,000 units A MONTH. Landwind is promising other vehicles will be added to the line-up soon, in order to become an established player and the first Chinese brand to launch successfully in Europe.

Landwind Annual Sales, Growth and Market Share in Europe

Below we have a table that shows total Landwind sales volumes for the European automotive market, broken out by year. This data captures all Landwind vehicle sales for the entire European automotive market.

Year Sales Growth
2005 2
2006 30 1,400.00
2007 29 -3.33
2008 0 -100.00
2009 0 0.00
2010 0 0.00
2011 12 0.00
2012 33 175.00
2013 179 442.42
2014 6 -96.65

Landwind Europe Annual Sales Units & Growth Chart

Below is a visual representation of Landwind Europe sales units over time. We have both the Landwind sales units and the market share in the European market. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

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