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Automotive Brand Reports

BMW Sales Data, Analysis & Trends

The most complete vehicle sales data for the BMW automotive brand. Brand and model level sales data in important global markets. Includes in-depth tables, charts and analysis on historical and recent sales data.

BMW Brand Sales Data & Reports In Key Markets

Here we have market level reports showing total BMW brand sales in key global automotive markets. The German brand is long-known for producing premium vehicles that blend luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology. In recent years, BMW has focused on several key areas, including electric mobility, digitalization, and autonomous driving. Looking ahead, BMW has outlined its vision for the future with its "Strategy Number One > Next." This strategy focuses on four key areas: electromobility, autonomous driving, digitalization, and sustainability. BMW aims to create a sustainable and connected mobility ecosystem, offering a range of electrified vehicles, advanced autonomous driving features, seamless digital experiences, and reducing its overall carbon footprint.

BMW Model Sales Data, Analysis & Reports

BMW has a full range of models across the full spectrum of segments. BMW has been actively expanding its electric vehicle (EV) lineup. The BMW i3, an all-electric compact car, was introduced in 2013 as the brand's first dedicated electric model. In 2020, BMW launched the BMW iX3, an all-electric SUV, followed by the BMW i4, a fully electric sports sedan. The BMW iX, an all-electric SUV with advanced technologies and long-range capabilities, is also set to debut. BMW plans to increase its electric vehicle offerings significantly, with 25 electrified models expected, including both fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. BMW continues to offer high-performance variants of its models under the "M" division. These M models, such as the BMW M3 and M5, are known for their exceptional performance, handling, and driving dynamics. BMW is constantly refining these models to deliver exhilarating driving experiences and to meet the demands of performance enthusiasts.

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