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Acura Sales Figures Canada

Acura Sales Figures – Canadian Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Acura in Canada

Monthly Sales Data
Sales & Growth Chart
Annual Sales Data
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Acura Canada Car Sales Data

This is your hub for all of the Acura sales data for the Canadian auto market.

If you live outside the United States and Canada you may not even know the Acura brand. Acura is the premium brand for Honda and was launched in Canada in 1986 at the same time as the United States. Canada gets the same Acura models as the United States with no real differences.

The Acura models are based on Honda platforms with upgrades targeting quality and performance. Acura’s are premium priced in Canada over Honda models. In Canada, Acura imports the RLX from Japan, while other models for the Canadian market are shipped from Honda’s factories in the U.S.

Our Take On Acura Canadian Sales Figures

Acura’s Canadian sales have hovered around the 20,000 units per year range since 2004. Peak sales were in 2004 with 22,543 cars sold in Canada. A steady decline of 3-5% followed till the financial crisis saw sales drop almost 12% in 2009 to a low of 17,088 units.

A small 1.47% increase in sales in 2010 was more than offset with a 12% drop in 2011, when sales dropped down to a 20 year low of 12,272 units sold in Canada. Acura got things right with the SUV and crossover strategy in 2012 and sales started to pick back up, showing double digit growth for 2012 and 2013 with modest low single digit growth in 2014 and 2015.

Since then things have stayed flat with Acura shopping ~20k cars a year in Canada for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and 2018. We don’t expect to see big changes in Acura’s Canadian sales volume as they are in-market with largely the same product mix.

For model sales please see Acura MDXAcura MDXAcura RDXAcura RLXAcura TLX

Acura Monthly Sales Data

Below we have a table that shows Acura sales for the Canadian automotive market since 2004, but this time it is broken out by month. This is on a unit basis. This is Acura new vehicle sales in Canada.

Acura Sales & Growth

Below is the unit volume sales and unit growth rate for the Acura brand in Canada.

Acura Annual Sales Data

Below we have a table that shows Acura sales volumes for Canada. This data captures all Acura car sales. We found a great data source in Acura directly who publishes sales data for the Canadian market periodically. We were able to aggregate the data into the below format.

Acura Market Share

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Acura Model Sales Summary

In terms of models, the current lineup includes the ILX, a compact sport sedan. There is also the TLX, which Acura positions as a performance luxury sedan. The RLX is the premium luxury offering for Acura. Like most brands these days it is the SUVs that really move the numbers for Acura. The RDX, Acura’s luxury crossover is its best seller, followed closely by the three-row MDX.

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Model Share of Total Acura Sales

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Acura Model Specific Sales Reports

Acura MDXAcura MDXAcura RDXAcura RLXAcura TLX