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Wuling Sales Figures – China Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Wuling in China

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Wuling Sales Data, Trends & Analysis for the Chinese Automotive Market

Wuling is a brand of the SAIC-GM-Wuling Joint Venture of SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation), General Motors and Wuling, which also produces and markets cars from the Baojun, Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet brands in China. Wuling is specialized in small MPVs, and its best selling model Hongguang (also China’s best selling car) was categorized as a commercial vehicle until 2013. Sales figures for the Wuling HongguangJourney and any other car model produced and sold in China since the early 2000’s.

Wuling China Sales Figures & Recent Highlights

Wuling Motors is a prominent name in China’s automotive sector, particularly known for its microvans and compact vehicles. It operates as a part of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile (SGMW), which is a joint venture between three major entities: SAIC Motor, General Motors (GM), and Guangxi Automobile Group (formerly known as Wuling Motors Group).

SAIC-GM-Wuling was established in 2002, although Wuling’s history dates back further. The brand has its roots in the former Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Plant, which was founded in 1982. The joint venture brought together SAIC Motor’s (one of China’s leading auto companies) local knowledge, GM’s global expertise, and Wuling Motors’ existing production capabilities.

Wuling is primarily known for its microvans, which are immensely popular in smaller cities and rural areas of China. These vehicles are typically used for both personal transportation and light commercial purposes. In addition to microvans, Wuling has expanded its lineup to include compact cars and MPVs. The brand emphasizes affordability and practicality in its offerings. Notably, the Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV, a compact electric vehicle launched in collaboration with GM, has seen remarkable success, becoming one of China’s best-selling electric vehicles shortly after its release.

Wuling’s vehicles, particularly its microvans, have been best-sellers in their segments for many years. The brand’s affordability and reputation for producing robust vehicles have contributed to its widespread popularity, especially in the non-urban regions of China. The joint venture’s collaboration with GM has also facilitated access to advanced technologies and improved manufacturing processes, enhancing the brand’s product quality over time.

Despite its image as a producer of budget vehicles, Wuling has shown commitment to innovation, especially in the realm of electric vehicles (EVs). The aforementioned Hong Guang MINI EV is a testament to this. The brand is likely to continue its push into the EV segment, leveraging the support and technical expertise from its joint venture partners.

Wuling Annual Sales, Growth and Market Share in China

Below we have a table that shows total Wuling sales volumes for the Chinese automotive market, broken out by year. This data captures all Wuling vehicle sales for the entire Chinese automotive market.

Year Sales YOY Change Marketshare Marketshare Change
2013 530,050 0.00 3.70 0.00
2014 751,028 41.69 4.64 20.26
2015 678,938 -9.60 3.67 -26.40
2016 667,629 -1.67 3.04 -20.66
2017 537,782 -19.45 2.34 -29.71
2018 476,539 -11.39 2.16 -8.74
2019 374,878 -21.33 1.86 -16.15
2020 406,746 8.50 2.18 14.78
2021 818,041 101.12 4.05 46.21
2022 724,841 -11.39 3.51 -15.46

Wuling China Annual Sales Units & Growth Chart

Below is a visual representation of Wuling Chinese sales units over time. We have both the Wuling sales units and the market share in the Chinese market. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

Wuling China Growth Rate & Market Share Chart

Below is the annual growth rate for the Wuling brand in China, shown against the Wuling’s marketshare changes in China. This gives you a good look into how Wuling has faired against the other brands in terms of absolute sales and effect on marketshare. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

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