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Smart Brand Sales Figures – U.S Market

Smart Sales Data, Trends & Analysis for the U.S Automotive Market

Smart was brought to the US in 2008 by an independent distributor, Penske Automotive Group. However, after the initial enthusiasm sales of the Smart Fortwo two-seater minicar collapsed (from almost 25,000 in 2008 to below 5,000 in 2011), and Daimler AG took over the brand’s distribution in 2011.

Smart Fortwo sales stabilized at around 10,000 per year until 2014, considerably less than the almost 50,000 units per year that Mini sells of the Cooper or Fiat of the 500. Sales dropped further from 2015 onwards, and the brand announced in 2017 the Fortwo would become an EV-only model by 2018, but then decided to pull the brand from the US market entirely in 2019. A significant part of Smart’s US sales went to the car-sharing program Car2Go, which is operated by Daimler AG.

These statistics also include sales of the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, which are also published separately. April 2018 marked the first time that Smart Fortwo sales in the US were 100% electric. 

Smart Annual Sales, Growth and Market Share in the United States

Year Sales YOY Change Marketshare Marketshare Change

Smart U.S Annual Sales Units & Growth Chart

Smart U.S Growth Rate & Market Share Chart