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Canadian Market Sales Figures

2016 Canada Automotive Sales Data & Reports Hub 

Quickly find the 2016 automotive sales reports and stats you want for the entire Canadian market. Automotive sales datas, charts and commentary for every segment, brand and automaker selling vehicles in Canada.

2016 Canada Automotive Sales Research

In 2016, the Canadian automotive market continued to be influenced by established trends while also adapting to new dynamics. 2016 saw the Canadian automotive market achieve yet another record, with sales surpassing the 1.9 million mark. This made it the fourth consecutive year of record-breaking sales, driven by various economic and industry-specific factors. The allure of SUVs, crossovers, and trucks persisted in 2016. These vehicles, with their versatility and adaptability to Canadian weather conditions, claimed a substantial share of the market. Pickup trucks like the Ford F-Series continued to dominate sales charts, especially in more rural areas. While some regions, like British Columbia and Ontario, enjoyed healthy economic growth, provinces dependent on oil, like Alberta, faced economic challenges due to prolonged low oil prices. This disparity was reflected in regional auto sales. While larger vehicles were the preference, compact cars like the Honda Civic maintained their appeal, especially in metropolitan areas, where their smaller footprint was advantageous for city driving. The luxury segment, encompassing brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi, experienced continued growth. The introduction of entry-level luxury models made these brands more accessible to a broader demographic. Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids witnessed consistent growth. This was bolstered by provincial incentives (particularly in Quebec and Ontario), enhanced charging infrastructure, and a broader variety of models with improved range.

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