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Peugeot Sales Figures – U.S Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Peugeot in the United States

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Peugeot Sales Data, Trends & Analysis for the U.S Automotive Market

Peugeot started official imports to the United States in 1958 with the 403 sedan, followed by the 403 wagon in 1960. The 404 sedan was launched in 1962 and the wagon in 1964. In 1970, Peugeot introduced the 504 sedan in 1970, followed by the 504 wagon the next year. That same year, the 304 sedan and wagon arrived Stateside, but were only sold for two years. The large 604 sedan came in 1977, and the 505 sedan replaced the 504 in 1980, as the wagon did 4 years later. The 604 was killed in 1984 as well and wouldn’t be replaced. The 405 sedan was launched in 1989 and the wagon a year later. 1992 was the last year of Peugeot automobiles imports into the US.

Peugeot Annual Sales Data in the United States

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