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Three-quarter front view of a 2023 white Genesis G90

Automotive Brand Reports

Genesis Auto Sales Data, Analysis & Trends

The most complete vehicle sales data for the Genesis automotive brand. Brand and model level sales data in important global markets. Includes in-depth tables, charts and analysis on historical and recent sales data.

Genesis Brand Sales Data & Reports In Key Markets

Here we have market level reports showing total Genesis brand sales in key global automotive markets. Genesis is a luxury automotive brand that operates under the Hyundai Motor Group. It was established as a standalone brand in 2015, spinning off from Hyundai, with the aim of competing in the upscale luxury vehicle market. Genesis focuses on delivering premium vehicles that combine sophisticated design, advanced technology, refined performance, and a high level of craftsmanship. The brand's vehicles are designed to provide a unique and luxurious driving experience. Genesis operates globally, with a focus on key luxury vehicle markets such as North America, Europe, and South Korea. The brand has established dedicated Genesis Studios and Genesis Experience Centers to provide a premium and personalized customer experience.

Genesis Model Sales Data, Analysis & Reports

Genesis offers a range of sedans and SUVs, known for their elegant styling and attention to detail. The brand's lineup includes models such as the G70, G80, and G90 sedans, as well as the GV80 and GV70 SUVs. These vehicles feature distinctive designs, premium interiors, and a wealth of advanced features and technologies. Genesis continues to expand its product portfolio and is positioning itself as a serious contender in the luxury automotive segment, competing with established luxury brands from Europe, the United States, and Japan.

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