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alfa romeo sales canada

Alfa Romeo Sales Figures – Canadian Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Alfa Romeo in Canada

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Alfa Romeo Canada Car Sales Data

This is your hub for all of the Alfa Romeo sales data for the Canadian market.

Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer which primarily produces luxury vehicles. The company is known for their technological and design innovations for producing their vehicles.

We all want Alfa Romeo to do well in the Canada. We all waited with baited breath every time there was a rumor that Alfa was coming back to the U.S and maybe Canada would also get some cars too. Yes, Alfa Romeo sells cars in North America and yes Alfa Romeo now sells in Canada too.

Even though things didn’t go well for Alfa Romeo in Canada since they resumed their sales in North America, the company is willing to reestablish itself in the country and reinvent its image so their cars will appeal to a much wider automotive audience.

Our Take On Alfa Romeo Canadian Sales Figures

Alfa Romeo cars were not available for sale in Canada until Alfa Romeo came back to North America in 2014 with the 4C. A total of 2 cars were sold in 2014 and that insanely low number actually jumped in 2015 to a better but equally paltry 122 cars, followed by 85 cars in 2016. The Giulia launch in Canada as a 2017 model finally got the Alfa Romeo sales numbers climbing, with sales of 1,192 units in 2017 and a record year in 2018 on the back of strong SUV and Giulia sales.

Alfa Romeo is expected to continue to grow in Canada in the coming years. They have the youngest demographic in the segment with a higher household income (according to their press materials) which bodes well for the brand in Canada. Both are good signs for the future.

Alfa Romeo Monthly Sales Data

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Alfa Romeo Sales & Growth

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Alfa Romeo Annual Sales Data

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Alfa Romeo Market Share

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Alfa Romeo Model Sales Summary

In 2014, Alfa Romeo announced the bare-bones 4C sports car would lead the firm’s North American revival. The compact Giulia sedan came next, in December, 2016, followed by the Stelvio SUV in the summer of 2017.

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Model Share of Total Alfa Romeo Sales

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Alfa Romeo Model Specific Sales Reports

Alfa Romeo 4C, Alfa Romeo GiuliaAlfa Romeo Stelvio