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Overall UK Auto Industry Sales Figures

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U.K Auto Industry Sales Analysis

Here you will find United Kingdom sales figures for the overall auto industry. We have been able to get data back to 2000. As you can see from the trends, the UK auto industry has been a bit of a malaise since the turn of the century. Average growth has been a paltry 0.55% since 2000.

In the last five years there was hope for the UK auto industry until Brexit fears quashed momentum. 2013 saw 10.77% growth, 2014 saw 9.35% growth and 2014 saw 6.34% growth. Things abruptly came to halt in 2016 with only 2.25% growth followed by two years of declining growth of -5.65% in 2017 and -6.83% in 2018. The average number of new cars registered in the UK since 2000 has been 2.35 million cars per year. Peak sales were in 2016 of 2,692,786 new cars were sold.

It remains to be seen how the UK auto industry and consumer demand for cars will change in the coming years but we are sure that the road will continue to be rocky for the foreseeable future.

UK Total Automotive Growth Chart

Below is the unit volume sales and unit growth rate of the vehicle industry in Britain on an annual basis.

UK Market Total Automotive Sales Annually

Below we have a table that shows British Automotive sales since 2000. This data captures both trucks and passenger car sales. We found a great data source in SMMT and were able to aggregate the data into the below format. Note that the UK measures “New Car Registrations” as counting for a new car sale.

UK Market Total Automotive Sales Units Monthly

Below we have a table that shows British automotive sales since 2010 broken out by month. This is on a unit basis.

Data Disclosures

Source: SMMT