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Changan Sales Figures – China Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Changan in China

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Changan Sales Data, Trends & Analysis for the Chinese Automotive Market

Changan is one of the brands of Changan Auto, which started producing cars in 1984 and also markets the Chana and Hafei (sub-)brands in China and has manufacturing Joint Ventures with Ford, Mazda, PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Suzuki and Jiangling. Changan also launched a sub-brand Cos in 2018.

Changan China Sales Figures & Recent Highlights

Changan Automobile is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Chongqing, China. It is one of the “big four” automobile manufacturers in China, alongside Dongfeng, FAW Group, and SAIC Motor. Changan Automobile is the largest exporter of cars from China. Changan Automobile was founded in 1862 as a military supply factory. The company’s first car was the Changan CA71, a luxury sedan that was produced in 1958. Changan Automobile began producing passenger cars in the 1980s.

In recent years, Changan Automobile has focused on developing new technologies, such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving. The brand has a number of electric vehicles on sale in China, and it plans to launch more in the coming years. Changan Automobile is also a leader in the development of autonomous driving technology.

Changan Automobile is a major player in the Chinese automotive market. The brand’s sales have increased steadily in recent years, and it is now one of the top 10 automobile brands in China. Changan Automobile is well-positioned to continue to grow in the coming years, as it has a strong brand image and a wide range of popular vehicles.

Changan cars are a good option for consumers who are looking for an affordable, fuel-efficient, and practical car. The brand’s cars also offer a good level of after-sales service, making them a good choice for budget-minded buyers.

Changan Annual Sales, Growth and Market Share in China

Below we have a table that shows total Changan sales volumes for the Chinese automotive market, broken out by year since 2005. This data captures all Changan vehicle sales for the entire Chinese automotive market.

Year Sales YOY Change Marketshare Marketshare Change
2006 3,436 0.00 0.09 0.00
2007 50,039 1,356.32 0.99 91.40
2008 39,545 -20.97 0.75 -31.28
2009 98,014 147.85 1.25 39.56
2010 133,622 36.33 1.30 3.83
2011 115,745 -13.38 1.04 -24.85
2012 162,995 40.82 1.37 24.28
2013 426,892 161.90 2.98 53.96
2014 627,655 47.03 3.87 23.16
2015 900,458 43.46 4.86 20.35
2016 1,142,639 26.90 5.20 6.50
2017 1,035,041 -9.42 4.51 -15.34
2018 848,422 -18.03 3.84 -17.55
2019 774,599 -8.70 3.83 -0.08
2020 861,750 11.25 4.61 16.89
2021 998,836 15.91 4.94 6.66
2022 1,083,758 8.50 5.24 5.71

Changan China Annual Sales Units & Growth Chart

Below is a visual representation of Changan’s China sales units over time. We have both the Changan sales units and the market share in the Chinese market. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

Changan China Growth Rate & Market Share Chart

Below is the annual growth rate for the Changan brand in China, shown against the Changan’s marketshare changes in China. This gives you a good look into how Changan has faired against the other brands in terms of absolute sales and effect on marketshare. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

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