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Kia Sales Figures – China Market

Monthly and Yearly Sales Figures for Kia in China

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Kia Sales Data, Trends & Analysis for the Chinese Automotive Market

Kia is a South Korean automobile manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, and it has a long history of producing innovative and reliable cars. Kia entered the Chinese market in 1992 through a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Corporation. The joint venture is called Dongfeng Yueda Kia Motor Co., Ltd., and it produces a wide range of Kia vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, MPVs, and electric vehicles. Kia cars are known for their affordability, fuel efficiency, and stylish design. The brand’s most popular models in China include the Kia K3, a compact sedan, and the Kia Sportage, a compact SUV.

Kia China Sales Figures & Recent Highlights

Kia Motors, a South Korean automaker, has had a substantial presence in the Chinese automotive market for several years. Recognized for its wide range of passenger vehicles, from sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs and MPVs, Kia has actively participated in China’s rapidly growing auto market.

Kia’s venture into the Chinese market began through joint ventures with local automotive companies. One of the most prominent of these joint ventures is Dongfeng Yueda Kia (DYK). Established in 2002, DYK is a collaboration between Kia Motors, Dongfeng Motors, and Yueda Group. Through these partnerships, Kia has been able to navigate the Chinese market more effectively, leveraging local expertise and resources.

Kia has multiple manufacturing plants in China, mainly under the umbrella of its joint ventures. These plants not only cater to the domestic market but also contribute to Kia’s global supply chain. Over the years, the brand has ramped up its production capacity in the country, in line with the growing demand.

Kia’s lineup in China includes a mix of globally popular models and some that are specifically tailored for Chinese consumers. The brand emphasizes design, quality, and technological features, aligning with the evolving preferences of Chinese car buyers. Like other foreign automakers in China, Kia faces intense competition from both international and domestic brands. The Chinese automotive market is one of the most diverse and competitive globally.

Kia, in recent years, has faced challenges in terms of declining sales in China. Factors such as increasing competition, geopolitical tensions, and rapid changes in consumer preferences have impacted the brand’s performance. Kia has been adapting its strategy to rejuvenate its brand image and cater more closely to Chinese consumers’ tastes. This includes introducing new models, integrating cutting-edge technologies, and focusing on electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids in response to China’s green energy push. The company has also been investing in marketing and after-sales services to strengthen brand loyalty and customer trust.

Kia Annual Sales, Growth and Market Share in China

Below we have a table that shows total Kia sales volumes for the Chinese automotive market, broken out by year. This data captures all Kia vehicle sales for the entire Chinese automotive market.

Year Sales YOY Change Marketshare Marketshare Change
2003 40,496 0.00 1.81 0.00
2004 62,397 54.08 2.48 27.10
2005 83,087 33.16 2.62 5.32
2006 45,894 -44.76 1.14 -130.47
2007 38,650 -15.78 0.76 -48.79
2008 67,656 75.05 1.29 40.73
2009 138,485 104.69 1.76 26.82
2010 238,569 72.27 2.31 23.89
2011 309,144 29.58 2.77 16.54
2012 369,136 19.41 3.10 10.70
2013 433,808 17.52 3.03 -2.61
2014 531,919 22.62 3.28 7.86
2015 523,701 -1.54 2.83 -16.06
2016 564,039 7.70 2.57 -10.17
2017 318,143 -43.60 1.39 -85.23
2018 289,718 -8.93 1.31 -5.81
2019 193,142 -33.33 0.96 -37.06
2020 179,770 -6.92 0.96 0.66
2021 150,126 -16.49 0.74 -29.56
2022 110,987 -26.07 0.54 -38.38

Kia China Annual Sales Units & Growth Chart

Below is a visual representation of Kia China sales units over time. We have both the Kia sales units and the market share in the Chinese market. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

Kia China Growth Rate & Market Share Chart

Below is the annual growth rate for the Kia brand in China, shown against the Kia’s marketshare changes in China. This gives you a good look into how Kia has faired against the other brands in terms of absolute sales and effect on marketshare. Click on the items in the legend to see each series by itself.

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