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“Absolutely, unbelievably, mesmerizingly…. brilliant,” Jeremy Clarkson says of the Ferrari 458 Italia. At, everything Jeremy Clarkson or Top Gear says about a car isn’t automatically accepted. But The Good Car Guy pretty much decided the Ferrari 458 Italia was an all-time great as soon as pictures were released. Anything looking that good with that kind of power from that factory wearing that badge is enshrined as Better Than Almost Anything Else.

Still, I had no idea the 458 Italia looked this good. Top Gear has a knack for cinematography, casting a glow or a shadow in just the right place with engine sounds to match the soundtrack and oversteer angles which put the vehicle’s best cheek forward. So with Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear review of the Ferrari 458 Italia in the video below, has gone even more head-over-heels for the Four-Five-Eight

12 minutes and 19 seconds of a beautiful car with plenty of humour and lots of statistics can be found in the video below.

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