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Lamborghini loves to name its cars after bulls. Reventon killed Felix Guzman in Mexico back in 1943. So, in typical outrageous Ferruccio Lamborghini style, the Audi/Volkswagen-owned Italian supercar maker debuted a Murcielago offshoot named….. wait for it…. the Reventon.

Curiously, the Reventon costs $1.4million USD. There will be but 20 Lambo Reventons. Even more curiously, the Reventon has 650 horses, all-wheel drive, and a 6-speed transmission. Same as the Murcielago LP640 with a really small smidgen of extra horsepower. But it costs more than a million extra dollars. What is this new body made of? Gold? Gold-encrusted diamonds with platinum accents?

I love a Lambo as much as the next horsepower-hungry junkie. However, I can’t justify this purchase. I was doing some calculations, see. And here’s the issue. If I were to pay for the Murcielago LP640 over a 60-month period at a 7.42% interest rate and the 14% sales tax I’m stuck with in my neighbourhood; with nothing down and no trade-in; the payment would be a somewhat manageable $7295.98. But for the bodykitted Reventon, I’d be stuck with a payment of $26,600. And that’s with no interest. Lamborghini Financial may not be comfortable with that part of the scheme.

This is the meanest looking Lambo available, though. Nasty. Vicious.