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They’re spending productive hours attempting to cure cancer and discover the habits of icebergs. I wish, for just five or ten minutes, that researchers would determine the ratio of Lamborghini sightings in real life and Lamborghini sightings in pictures as seen by the eyes of a regular Joe who doesn’t live in Beverly Hills.

When I saw that Lambo had updated pictures and clicked on the Gallardo Spyder Gallery, it quickly became clearer than ever that exclusivity commands a great price.

The fact that the three best pictures on this Gallardo LP560-4 Gallery pose the Lamborghini in areas it may never visit again should aptly connote the absurdity of you seeing the Gallardo in these scenarios. Nevertheless, we enjoy the images anyway. Scroll through all 52 pictures in the Gallery below, check out all Lamborghini-related posts here, and take special note of the three wildly edited and outsized pictures in the post to see the Gallardo Spyder at its best.