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U.S. Auto Sales News From April 2011

In all your scanning of’s auto sales rundown for the United States in April, you’ve read The Good Car Guy’s conclusions and you’ve formed some more of your own. Here are some others.

40% of all BMWs sold in America in April were one configuration or another of the 3-Series.

Mini’s most popular bodystyle was the regular hatchback. 3367 were sold. The Cooper and Cooper S Convertible formed the least popular bodystyle, down 15.8% to 565 April sales. The Clubman fared slightly better, down just 2.9% to 805. In second spot behind the regular Cooper hatch was the new Countryman, Driven by The Good Car Guy here.

69.2% of all Chrysler Group sales were officially “light trucks”. In other words, for every ten Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, and Fiats sold, only three were passenger cars in the traditional sense.

Ferrari sold an estimated 131 cars. Maybach, the Automotive News Data Center estimates, sold five.

The Ford Transit Connect was Ford’s 14th-best-selling model in April with 2668 sales, ahead of the E-Series/Club Wagon’s 2559 sales but behind the Expedition’s 3214 sales.

April was all about convertibles in the now-cancelled Mitsubishi Eclipse range. 1092 buyers opted for the Eclipse Spyder, only 261 chose the hardtop.

Infiniti G sales were down overall, but don’t blame the G37 Coupe, up 0.4% to 1267. G25 and G37 sales fell a combined 13.8% to 2588.

Half the Porsches sold in America in April were Good 12-winning Cayennes.

Subaru is balanced. Excluding the oft-ignored Tribeca, no model was worth less than 16.1% of the brand’s overall April sales output. That’s the Legacy, by the way. Even Subaru’s most popular model, the Outback, was only responsible for 38.2% of all April sales. For a company with what amounts to a four-car lineup, this is healthy.

The Acura RL posted a slight sales increase in April, up to 181 from 154 in April 2010. But the RL wasn’t Acura’s least popular model. With just 176 sales (down from 234 in the same period of last year) the Bad 8-losing ZDX was responsible for fewer than one in every 65 Acura sales. RL volume was lower than Hyundai Equus volume in April

More than a quarter of all Audi sales were Q5 or Q7 SUVs/crossovers. Not displayed in a conventional Graph, the Mercedes-Benz R-Class found 195 U.S. buyers in April, down from 519. Mercedes-Benz USA also sold a B-Class mini-minivan in April, presumably a B-Class F-Cell.

The Nissan LEAF beat the Chevrolet Volt in April. The Toyota Prius beat the Honda Insight; we’d be shocked if it hadn’t. Toyota’s Venza also beat the Honda Accord Crosstour. The Chevrolet Camaro’s year-to-date lead on the Ford Mustang expanded in April, also.