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Autoblog was tipped to a Korean website showcasing a Hyundai Genesis police vehicle. Unfortunately, I don’t speak – or read – Korean and can’t be of any use translating the information that comes with a picture of the big handsome Genesis sedan. My experience eating Korean food cooked by a Korean in my kitchen only educated me as far as kimchi. Is this Hyundai Genesis specially outfitted car in any way? Hire a translator. Because Babelfish didn’t work out so well.

“First synthesis or the gun [syap] without being this absoluteness, reveals. From the Seoul blue traffic patrol important business (VIP events) with the Taurus whom uses became great difference with the fourth cis. Light storehouse etc. is light style light storehouse etc. attaches generally in the light Hu patrol car and the whole aspect left/right 3 does put on uniqueness all (at the time of the induction ceremony that the flagpole is only omitted, draws out and will be national flag month is the difference which is not).”

Google Translate didn’t offer anything of substance, either.

“Synthetic or not the first absolute disclaims posyap. Traffic Patrol seoulcheong the important work (VIP event) Taurus was running for the Genesis is the balance. Light the lights on Hoyong typically is attached to a patrol car flashing lights and uijeonyong rayiteubahyeong Left / Right 3 is omitted Flagstaff yisaekjeok ipni All (except chwiimsikttae Flag chayini not 12 months).”

The Hyundai Genesis is available in our market with a 4.6L V8 or a 3.8L V6. Cops would love the Genesis’s largesse, its rear-wheel drive configuration, and the big car’s easy mannerisms. Curiously, it appears the Ford Taurus is brought to our attention in the Korean text. Then again, so are flag poles and VIPs. The Good Car Guy’s attempt at translating is below.

“It is the desire of Hyundai to have VIPs hang a national flag. To help the VIPs get to Hyundai’s flagpole, Hyundai was going to use the new Ford Taurus Police Interceptor before realizing that a few decals and a hefty lightbar would turn the Hyundai Genesis into a perfect police cruiser.”

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