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eBay Motors is hosting a sell-off of a Pontiac Streamliner, built around the time soldiers were found safe at home after WW2 but designed long before.

This very attractive 1947, four-door, eight-cylinder, 3-speed, Californian-based Pontiac is on sale thru February 5th but already bidders are driving up the price.  31 bids have been placed, and if you want to lay claim to highest-bidder status as of…. right now; eBay needs to see $5,200 USD or higher. Pontiac built almost 90,000 eight-cylinder Streamliners in 1947, pushing on double the production of ’46 eight-cylinder Streamliners but about 36,000 less than were produced in the final year, 1948.
Pontiac’s contemporary replacement is Aussie-derived, a couple hundred pounds heavier, and just started reaching the left coast.