The 15 Worst-Selling Vehicles In America – 2010

During previous instances in which The Good Car Guy found the Worst Selling Cars in America or Canada, even when configuring lists for Sympatico Autos, there’s been a host of ground rules. Foremost among those rules was the absence of luxury-branded vehicles. Luxury cars are by their very nature intended to sell in lower volumes. Punishing them for this is petty. Next up for exclusion were SUVs, trucks, crossovers, and minivans. This time, that rule has been forgotten. Finally, defunct brands or models which had already been killed off were obvious slow sellers, so they were ignored.

Not this time, however. For the sake of humour and remembrance – and because these vehicles haven’t been discussed on for ages – the 15 Worst-Selling Cars In America in 2010 include dead or mostly dead vehicles. They are either out of production, soon to be out of production, or not a part of the U.S. new vehicle market any longer.

% Drop
Pontiac Grand Prix
Mitsubishi Raider
Mazda B-Series
Suzuki Forenza/Reno
Ford Taurus X
Pontiac G3
Saturn Astra
Chrysler Aspen
Mercury Sable
Pontiac Torrent
Chevrolet Uplander
GMC Envoy
Honda S2000
Pontiac G5
Pontiac Vibe

Curiously, Mazda Canada has held on to the B-Series… for now. (Its donor vehicle, the Ford Ranger, is not long for this world.) B-Series sales were up 55% in 2010 to 2545. Speaking of Ford, the Taurus X evolved from the Freestyle. Certainly different in styling, the Freestyle/Taurus X’s successor, the Ford Flex, isn’t totally unlike its predecessors and doesn’t sell much better, either. Mercury, Pontiac, and Saturn are all inoperative. The Honda S2000 is sadly no longer a part of Honda’s fleet, let’s fondly remember it’s sweet shifter and screaming 4-cylinder. General Motors doesn’t play the minivan game, so the Uplander is gone. The GMC Acadia has been a successful replacement for the GMC Envoy. You could say the GMC Terrain has been a more-than-adequate stand-in for the Pontiac Torrent. Could the Aspen ever return? It seems unlikely, but the name of its platform-mate, Dodge Durango, is returning on an all-new platform. Does anybody even know what the Suzuki Forenza or Reno was? And the Mitsubishi Raider? Sorry Mitsu, Americans buy F-150s, Silverados, Sierras, Rams, and a few Tacomas. Not much else.

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