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2011 U.S Best Selling Vehicles (All Segments)

The Best-Selling Cars, SUVs, Minivans and Trucks

The Top-Selling Vehicles in the U.S Automotive Market for 2011

Subtract the Honda Crosstour from the Accord’s total and the Ford Fusion, Dodge Ram, and Toyota Corolla all leap up a step on the ladder that is America’s 30 best-selling vehicles list for 2011. Honda sold 235,625 Accord coupes and sedans last year, down 17% from 2010. That’s 72,885 less than Toyota managed with what was, at the time, a declining Camry. Toyota Camry sales were up 7% in December.

Neither of these American-built Japanese passenger cars were America’s best-selling vehicle in 2011. That title goes to the indomitable Ford F-Series, sales of which are mostly made up by the F-150. F-Series sales increased 11% in 2011, an increase which wasn’t exactly the class of the field – Silverado sales were up 12%, Ram sales jumped 23%, Sierra sales increased 15% – but the boost was more than enough to be respectable. America’s overall new vehicle market grew 10%, incidentally. The four trucks mentioned were the only pickups among America’s 30 best-selling vehicles. 11% of all new vehicles sold in America in 2011 were of the F-Series/Silverado/Ram/Sierra variety.

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