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Check it out for yourself, I’m not in Detroit this time around to watch the strike begin and end. Nevertheless, Chrysler LLC workers – those who are members of the United Auto Workers – are walking off the job right now.

Two dozen plants. 45,000 workers.

Just within a the past half hour, CNN was reporting that Chrysler and the UAW were really working to get a deal together. Workers were told by their union reps that by 11:00am EST they were to be seen exiting the plants if they hadn’t heard any news on a new deal.

Walking, they are. A mass exodus. Just a couple weeks ago, The Good Car Guy arrived in Detroit for a GM event at the Milford Proving Grounds the same day General Motors’ United Auto Workers left the job. Two days later, those UAW folks were heading back to the job just as The Good Car Guy left Detroit to return to the GoodCarBadCar towers. Workers have been interviewed suggesting they were anticipating time off work and have been saving for up to six months.

Let’s hope that workers are taken care of and protected. Let’s also hope that the UAW would understand that their success is tied to Chrysler’s success. Sucking huge dollars from Chrysler will not enable Chrysler to further develop their automobile business. If Chrysler’s automobile business fails to meet with more success, these United Auto Workers will be eating Kraft Dinner.