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Given that The Good Car Guy’s article on the Top 5 Small Luxury SUVs is one of the most popular posts ever written on, it seems proper that we let the people have their say, too. Whilst proclaimed The Good 12 Supersize-winning Audi Q5 to be the best small luxury SUV, what did the American populace think in August of 2009? In fact, what choices have thousands of consumers made in 2009 when it comes to small luxury SUVs?

Good looks helped bring the Mercedes-Benz GLK350 into second place in the Top 5 post. In practice, Americans bought more Benz GLKs in August than any other small luxury SUV last month. (These Sales Stats exclude the Land Rover LR2 since Tata Motors refuses to share sales data on Jaguar and Land Rover.) The Audi Q5 was a distinctly popular luxury SUV in August, however, with more than twice as many Q5s sold than any other small luxury SUV barring the GLK350. A full rundown of the Sales Stats can be seen below. Not every small luxury SUV listed below has been on sale since January, so don’t pay excessive attention to the Year-To-Date figures.

Mercedes-Benz GLK: 1,665 (August), 14,457 (YTD)
Audi Q5: 1,496 (August), 8,220 (YTD)
Volvo XC60: 767 (August), 5,056 (YTD)
Acura RDX: 728 (August), 6,223 (YTD)
BMW X3: 670 August), 4,098 (YTD)
Infiniti EX35: 665 (August), 7,488 (YTD)
Land Rover LR2: N/A