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PUT DOWN YOUR RIFLE – BMW of Lincoln will sell the M3

Ken, a Californian who purchased a brand new BMW M3 from a Nebraska BMW dealership but was refused the ownership because the dealer didn’t like the purchase price (it didn’t accelerate with demand the way they thought it would) will be getting his car after all. Apparently BMW of Lincoln and – we can assume, BMW HQ – didn’t like the web onslaught that started at, then Autoblog, and on to sites like 

So, unless Ken doesn’t get his M3 tomorrow for the $60,000 price and we have to reignite the firestorm, there’s no more need to make fun of Fil’s haircut or harass the dealer. What this whole brouhaha may well affect is BMW of Lincoln’s long term reputation. YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace are only continuations of the whole WWW phenomenon that accentuates and defines problems like these and gives attention of the worldwide variety. 
So good for Ken. And good for us. After all, wasn’t I/You TIME’s Person of the Year? If you haven’t seen the original post, follow this link.