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Luxury Auto Brand Market Share In America – December 2011 And 2011 Year End

Though the second chart in this post seems to make clear that Mercedes-Benz was America’s favourite luxury brand, that’s not wholly true. Sales of the Mercedes-Benz brand include sales of what used to be a Dodge Sprinter. There were 16,577 of those vans sold in the United States in 2011. Subtract those sales from Mercedes-Benz’s total and BMW wins the luxury brand race by nearly 2700 units, as this Auto Sales By Brand post reveals.

The Sprinter is a Benz after all, just as a $90,300 X6 M is a BMW (much as we’re loathe to acknowledge its presence) and with it, Mercedes-Benz’s market share in the luxury brand sector was 18.1% over the course of 2011’s twelve months. BMW owned 17.2% of the luxury market; 17.3% in December, as the first chart displays.

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