Luxury Auto Brand Market Share In America – December 2011 And 2011 Year End

Though the second chart in this post seems to make clear that Mercedes-Benz was America’s favourite luxury brand, that’s not wholly true. Sales of the Mercedes-Benz brand include sales of what used to be a Dodge Sprinter. There were 16,577 of those vans sold in the United States in 2011. Subtract those sales from Mercedes-Benz’s total and BMW wins the luxury brand race by nearly 2700 units, as this Auto Sales By Brand post reveals.

The Sprinter is a Benz after all, just as a $90,300 X6 M is a BMW (much as we’re loathe to acknowledge its presence) and with it, Mercedes-Benz’s market share in the luxury brand sector was 18.1% over the course of 2011’s twelve months. BMW owned 17.2% of the luxury market; 17.3% in December, as the first chart displays.

You can find detailed sales figures for all the brands coloured below in the two auto sales by brand posts from yesterday. The dropdown menu at the top right of this screen also allows you to find specific sales figures for every nameplate currently on sale. The December 2011 and 2011 Year End U.S. auto sales story will continue to unravel on GoodCarBadCar over the coming days.