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Infiniti seems to be getting a ridiculous amount of attention here at recently. Not that Nissan’s luxury division doesn’t deserve conversation or consideration…. it’s just been a surprising week. Infiniti’s search label from this site shows two posts from the 14th of May (including GCBC’s own rendering of the G37 convertible), one from the 9th, another from May 7th, prior to which nothing appears since April 2nd. 

What’s the news now? Link to the piece from May 9th to read more about Infiniti’s unique approach in the UK and you won’t be surprised to learn of Infiniti’s latest outreach to European customers., available in five languages, allows European customers to be first on the list for the high-value, high-performance Japanese machines. The dealer closest to you will be in contact before regular pre-ordering begins. 
Typically, European car buyers are very particular about the configuration of their chosen car. Choosing amongst the available vehicles on the dealer ‘forecourt’ is not the default solution. Thus, whether you see Infiniti as an instant success in Europe or not, this isn’t a very surprising move. Hype is generated, customers – potential, assured, or wavering – feel special, and much of the process is normal anyway. 
This link allows you to “Secure Your Place”. Frequent Infiniti exposure leads The Good Car Guy to heartily recommend it.