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Fully homologated for European Union roads, the Think City is 100% electric and 100% ugly. That didn’t stop Gordon Brown and his Minister for Business and Secretary of State for Transport from having a look-see at the Norwegian city car.

Think bodies are recycled plastic. 65 mph is possible, although the range is only 112 miles. Typical electrical sockets can restore full power to the battery. Airbags and anti-lock brakes are present and accounted for. Beauty, unfortunately, was left in the fjords.
One might wonder if the Think City stands a chance at upsetting typical parliamentary rides like the Jaguar XJ and Toyota Prius in London. Regardless, Monday’s introduction of Prime Minister Brown with the Think City happened to time well with a summit on business where electric vehicles – as a means of mass transportation – was a topic of discussion. Think Citys will be on sale in the UK in 2009.