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Their strike was so short that some of the 45,000 workers won’t miss a shift, providing they answer their phone; check their email; or watch the news. United Auto Workers walked off the job at Chrysler facilities this morning, but by tomorrow morning production should be running normally. GoodCarBadCar was on top of the story as it happened.

If you’re unfamiliar with the UAW – check out their website. Completely unaware of this current news story? Follow this GCBC link. This strike affected 18 plants plus a good 30 other facilities in fourteen states, although the American operations downturn would have caused headaches (and an eventual work stoppage) in Canada, as well.

Curiously, some Chrysler build lines weren’t working for parts of this week anyway. When nobody wants to buy your products, there ain’t much point in building extra, is there? Chrysler is now an independent company, having been divorced from Daimler-Benz in the summer.