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best cars of 2016

GCBC’s The Good 12 For 2016

2016 The Good 12 Logo GCBC car awards

GCBC’s The Good 12 for 2016 includes the vehicles that would be most welcomed as permanent members of the GCBC Towers driveway. Park them out front on Christmas morning. Tie them with a bow. We appreciate your kindness.

None have base prices above USD $67,000. They reflect many different parts of the market, they come from different places, they’re powered by very different engines, they’re accomplished in different areas. And when any one of them drives by, I want it for myself.

Click any of the images to be taken to the model’s Sales Stats page. Don’t forget to check out GCBC’s The Bad 8, the cars which we don’t want to receive even as gifts. For more on what The Good 12 really is, visit the GCBC Awards page.

Chevrolet Suburban

Can it ____? Yes. What about ___? Of course. Even ____? Yeah, that too. Fill in the blanks however you want. The Chevrolet Suburban is what you buy when you need one vehicle to meet every potential vehicular need.

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Remember the first Dodge Charger SRT-8 with its audacious 425-horsepower V8? That car was an edgy and affordable Detroit riposte to the typical German muscle sedan. This Charger SRT? 707 horsepower. Edgy, indeed.

Ford Mustang
There isn’t just one good Mustang. The V6 is fun and affordable. The GT is fast and evocative. The Shelby GT350 is a proper European sports car fighter. They all look terrific. They’re all far more modern than Mustangs were just two years ago.
Honda Odyssey
The value quotient with every minivan is unbelievably convincing. The Odyssey separates itself from the people-carrying pack with the sort of steering, ride, and handling that, rather than punishing you, rewards you instead.
Jeep Wrangler
Just ask the politicians who flop because they couldn’t pull off the cowboy-boots-at-the-Iowa-state-fair look: authenticity matters. The Wrangler is exactly what the Wrangler is supposed to be.
Mazda 3 5-Door
Mazda’s most popular car is the best all-around small car money can buy. It’s sufficiently quick and fuel efficient, tackles a corner with aplomb, and marries attractive interior styling to terrific exterior styling.
Mazda MX-5 Miata

You wake up early on a Saturday morning in July. You took care of the day’s pressing concerns last night. You own a Miata, so you leave the house to go for a drive. To nowhere in particular.

Mini Clubman
Most Minis are simply too small. The first two big Minis – Countryman and 4-Door – are awkward. So why not a Mini wagon? Mixing great on-road behaviour and a small wagon body at an affordable price produces a winner.
Porsche Macan S
20 years ago the idea would have sounded foolish. But what’s so categorically wrong about a Porsche with Porsche-like dynamics, all-weather appeal, and space for five people and their stuff?
Ram 1500 EcoDiesel
The Ram 1500 is a very good pickup truck, with or without the diesel. Highly regarded handling, true full-size capability, and attractive styling are integral to the equation. But mixing all this torque with so little fuel is a remarkable achievement.
Volkswagen Golf GTI

Before you even spend time with the GTI, you know it will be good. But then it’s better than that. More space than you expected. More power. More expertise on a twisty road. And a more mature blend of performance attributes than you thought possible.

Volvo XC90

Nobody does wagons quite like Volvo. But the modern wagon isn’t really a wagon, is it? We want to ride high, climb snowbanks, and see the traffic beneath us. Thus, Volvo presents the second-gen XC90, with one of the best interiors in the current automotive universe and a prototypical Swedish exterior.

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