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Assuming my camera was not capable of full-on video applicable for GoodCarBadCar during the Milford Proving Grounds event where General Motors hosted a group of bloggers, I was actually just taking shots for personal use. Perhaps this clip I took of Philippe from is worth a look.

After beginning on Milford’s Black Lake, we drove a couple of miles on a handling circuit before arriving back on the Black Lake for two brief spurts of acceleration. The Corvette does alright with acceleration runs, in case you hadn’t heard. The clip won’t impress with its cinematic style, but it will awaken you to the ferocity with which a “basic” Chevrolet Corvette can rip-snort-churn to highly illegal speeds. I got my turn after Philippe; savouring the opportunity to exercise the Corvette’s 430 horsepower on a closed course. We had plenty of time in each vehicle. I drove ten cars in the afternoon, and you’ll see a review of each here on GoodCarBadCar really soon, so keep checking back.