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2009 US Auto Sales Figures – By Brand (Brand Rankings)

2009 U.S. Automotive Sales by Brand – The Best-Selling Automotive Brands By Sales Volume

Google may rule the world, but the giant search engine company hasn’t yet invaded the automotive universe. Thus, Toyota remains at the top in U.S. vehicle sales. In the Graph below you’ll see Toyota at the very top of the best-selling 33 auto brands in the United Stats from the year ending December 31st. However, 2009’s totals, if calculated based on conglomerates, would prove a different story. General Motors sold over 2,000,000 automobiles in the United States in 2009. Toyota, with Lexus and Scion’s help, was closer to 1.8 million. Fun facts from this heaping tablespoon of Sales Stats include Buick’s victory over rival Mercury; BMW edging out Mercedes-Benz; and GMC and Jeep sticking to their guns in the top ten.

2009 Best Selling Car Brands In the U.S

Below you will find US sales figures for all of the major auto brands broken down for the 2008 sales year. Automotive sales broken down into individual brands presents a clear picture of which brands are selling well and where they ended up for the year. This data table looks at the total automotive brand volumes in the United States by brand. We compare U.S automotive brand sales for last year with the brand sales for this year.


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