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Legally, yes, the Caparo T1 is a road car. In all honesty, however, the Caparo T1 is scarecely fit for the types of situations you find yourself in day after day. Sitting in traffic on the #401 outside Toronto? A survivable activity in your Ford Escape; not so fun in a Caparo T1. Parking in between a Chevrolet Suburban and a Mercedes-Benz E550 on the sixth level of a downtown parking garage? Doable when driving a Toyota Yaris; not quite so easy in a Caparo T1.

That being said, evo magazine’s Roger Green decided to put the Caparo T1 to the test in real-life scenarios. First, of course, evo allowed the Caparo T1 to limber up with a few laps of the Anglesey Circuit in northwest Wales. The final destination is 305 miles across England to Snetterton in Norfolk, past Stoke-on-Trent and Birmingham…. down “motorways”… in the rain…. farther than the Caparo T1’s development team had even driven the car in one go-’round. Check it out in the video below. It’s actually rather fascinating stuff.

Initial plans only called for 100 examples of the Caparo T1 to be built. The Caparo’s V8, as you’ll recall, generates 575 horsepower at a screaming 10,500rpm. 575 bhp may not sound like much in an age of 1000 bhp Bugattis and run of the mill Mercedes AMGs with more than 600 horses, but the Caparo T1 weighs barely more than 1,500 pounds, 300 pounds less than GCBC’s long-term smart fortwo. Granted, price of the Caparo T1 is somewhere around $350,000.

Come on back to a little later to see the best choices for driving across the UK. The cars involved must be able to lap the circuits at Anglesey and Snetterton, though.

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