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BMW 4-Series Sales Figures

The BMW 4-Series

Here you will find monthly and yearly U.S, Canadian and European sales figures for the BMW 4-Series. Back in the day things were simple at BMW. You had the 3-Series, 5-Series and 7-Series. Now there are a myriad of models (19+ in fact) and things are rather confusing. Take the 4-Series BMW for example. In the old days it was a two-door BMW 3 Series, but now it is a standalone model. That’s why you will notice it has a short sales history on this page, but it clearly has a long history in the real world.

From September 2013 forward through May 2015, BMW USA displayed 4-Series sales in the 3-Series’ total. BMW Canada began reporting 4-Series sales in October 2013. June 2015 marked the first month that BMW USA broke down 3-Series and 4-Series sales.

BMW 4-Series Overview

The BMW 4 Series is a range of luxury compact cars produced by the German automaker BMW. It was first introduced in 2013 as a successor to the BMW 3 Series Coupe and Convertible, and it is known for offering a more premium and performance-oriented alternative within the BMW lineup. The BMW 4 Series is designed to provide a sportier and more dynamic driving experience while retaining the practicality and comfort of a luxury car. It shares many components and features with the BMW 3 Series but adopts a more distinct and stylish coupe and convertible body style.

BMW 4-Series Sales Data & Trends

The BMW 4 Series is available in markets worldwide, offering a balance of performance and luxury to appeal to driving enthusiasts and luxury car buyers. It has sold decently well, but as BMW goes after more and more niches we expect that it will eat into each model’s success.

BMW 4-Series US Sales Data & Charts

U.S Monthly Sales

U.S Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2016 33,931
2017 39,634
2018 31,379
2019 18,621
2020 12,357
2021 22,938
2022 36,952
2023 50,778
2024 19,935

U.S Annual Growth

BMW 4-Series Canada Sales Data & Charts

Canada Annual Sales

Year Sales Units
2013 546
2014 3,469
2015 4,942
2016 4,765
2017 3,746
2018 3,543
2019 2,279
2020 963
2021 1,800

Canada Annual Growth

BMW 4-Series Europe Sales Data & Charts

Europe Annual Sales

Europe Annual Growth