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What’s it like to be a car enthusiast under the late and not at all great Saddam Hussein? Fine…. sort of. If you intend to modify; tune; or pimp your auto, consider your actions illegal. Saddam did.

CNN went for some drives with a few tuner boys and visited a popular body shop, as well. The Los Angeles drift scene it is not, but it’s interesting to see the fun side of life in the Iraqi capital. It’s not a very big side and it isn’t completely up to speed with trends to be scene in the next Fast & Furious, yet there’s a speck of inspirational bliss in the story.
Here are people who have to be ultra-cautious because of carjacking and armed militias who are still active on the roads around Baghdad. Despite the ongoing danger, these guys are so excited about their cars…. and even more excited about driving those cars. Check out the CNN clip here.