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2021 U.S Small Luxury SUV Sales Figures (With Rankings)

Sales Figures & Rankings for Small Luxury SUVs Sold in the United States

2021 Best Selling Small Luxury SUVs In the United States (All Models Ranked)

In 2021, the small luxury SUV segment continued to gain traction in the U.S. market. The combination of luxury, compact size, versatility, and elevated driving position made these vehicles especially attractive to urban and suburban consumers who wanted the prestige of a luxury brand without the bulk of larger vehicles. Small luxury SUVs catered to those wanting luxury amenities in a more manageable and sometimes more affordable package. Their popularity also stemmed from the overall shift in consumer preferences from sedans to SUVs. Due to the potential profitability and growing demand, many luxury automakers either introduced new models in this segment or updated their existing models with fresh designs and advanced technologies. The push toward electrification made its mark in this segment too. Many luxury brands began offering hybrid or fully electric versions of their compact SUVs.

In 2021, the Tesla Model Y played a significant role in Tesla’s lineup and its overall strategy. As the compact crossover sibling to the Model 3 sedan, the Model Y targeted one of the most popular and fastest-growing segments in the automotive market: the compact SUV/crossover segment. Built on the same platform as the Model 3, the Model Y offered a more spacious interior with an optional third row to accommodate up to seven passengers. It retained many design cues from the Model 3, including the minimalist interior and central touchscreen. While the Model Y was priced higher than the Model 3, it was competitive within the luxury compact SUV segment, especially considering its electric range and performance. As you can see from the sales figures, this is a monster in the segment.

As Lexus’ entry into the small luxury SUV market, the Lexus NX offered a mix of style, technology, and the brand’s hallmark reliability. Hybrid variants were available. Positioned above the subcompact GLA, the Mercedes-Benz GLC was one of Mercedes-Benz’s best-sellers, known for its plush interior, advanced tech, and wide range of powertrain options. Another strong player in this segment, the BMW X3 offered engaging driving dynamics, a quality interior, and a range of powerful engines, including a plug-in hybrid variant.

The Audi Q5 combined a comfortable ride, a refined interior, and quattro all-wheel drive, making it a popular choice. Hybrid and sporty SQ5 versions expanded its appeal. The Acura RDX, with its bold styling and tech-laden interior, represented Acura’s vision of a modern luxury compact SUV. Volvo XC60 is Volvo’s entry and blends safety, Scandinavian design, and a range of powertrains, including the T8 plug-in hybrid. Representing Cadillac in this segment, the XT4 focused on style, technology, and a youthful appeal.

Lincoln Corsair replaced the MKC, the Corsair offered a plush ride, a quiet cabin, and a range of modern features, continuing Lincoln’s brand resurgence. It is a stunning looking SUV that we expect to grow its share in the coming years. Speaking of unique designs, we can’t forget the Range Rover Evoque. With its distinctive design and off-road capability, the Evoque stood out for those seeking something a bit different. For those prioritizing driving dynamics in a small SUV package, the Porsche Macan was hard to beat, blending performance with luxury.

Here Are The Most Popular Small Luxury SUVs in the U.S for 2021

This data table looks at full year Small Luxury SUV sales volumes in the United States by model. We compare U.S market Small Luxury SUV model sales for the full year versus the full year last year.

Model Month Month LY Change YTD YTD LY YTD Change
∑ = ∑ = ∑ = ∑ =

New Small Luxury SUV Car Sales Data by Month in the U.S

This sales data table looks at monthly sales performance for the Small Luxury SUV segment in the United States on a month to month basis for the entire year. It includes all major Small Luxury SUV models sold in the U.S market and you can see that the monthly Small Luxury SUV sales trends clearly. Seeing the individual Small Luxury SUV model sales performance in this way gives you a good sense of the momentum (good or bad).