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2020 US Pickup Truck Sales Figures By Model (With Rankings)

Sales Figures & Rankings for Pickup Trucks Sold in the United States

2020 Best Selling Pickup Trucks In the United States (All Models Ranked)

The pickup truck market in the U.S. remained strong in 2020, despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These vehicles continued to appeal to a broad range of consumers due to their versatility, capability, and, in many newer models, advanced technology and comfort features.

The Ford F-Series, primarily led by the F-150, maintained its long-standing title as the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. The combination of workhorse capabilities, luxury trims, and a variety of engine options kept it at the top. The Chevrolet Silverado, including its heavy-duty variants, continued to be a strong seller, providing competition to the F-Series with its mix of performance, technology, and design. The Chevrolet Silverado and Ram Pickup are also popular choices for consumers. They are similar to the Ford F-Series in terms of their capabilities and features, but they are often offered at a lower price.

The GMC Sierra is the GMC version of the Chevrolet Silverado. It is essentially the same truck, but it has a different grille and interior trim. The Toyota Tacoma is a midsize truck that is popular with consumers who want a smaller and more fuel-efficient truck.

Overall, the pickup truck market in the United States is very competitive. There are a number of different trucks to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The best-selling trucks are those that offer a good balance of performance, reliability, and affordability. The popularity of pickup trucks in the United States is due to a number of factors, including their versatility, durability, and towing and payload capacity. Pickup trucks are popular for both personal and commercial use. They are often used for work, recreation, and family transportation.

Here Are The Most Popular Pickup Trucks in the U.S for 2020

This sales data table looks at sales performance for the passenger car segment in the United States for the full year and is ranked from most popular passenger car to least popular.

Model Month Month LY Change YTD YTD LY YTD Change
GMC Canyon 3,473 2,148 61.69 25,191 32,826 -23.26
Chevrolet Colorado 10,683 8,391 27.31 96,236 121,703 -20.93
Ford F-Series 74,047 77,033 -3.88 787,372 896,526 -12.18
Nissan Frontier 4,071 4,720 -13.75 54,817 72,369 -24.25
Jeep Gladiator 7,924 5,487 44.41 77,541 40,038 93.67
Ram Pickup 62,175 56,825 9.41 563,676 633,694 -11.05
Ford Ranger 9,874 10,886 -9.30 101,485 83,571 21.44
Honda Ridgeline 3,127 3,757 -16.77 32,168 33,334 -3.50
GMC Sierra 30,215 22,628 33.53 253,014 232,325 8.91
Chevrolet Silverado 69,183 53,785 28.63 593,057 575,569 3.04
Toyota Tacoma 28,957 20,727 39.71 238,805 248,801 -4.02
Nissan Titan 2,713 1,916 41.60 26,441 31,514 -16.10
Toyota Tundra 12,124 8,714 39.13 109,203 111,673 -2.21
∑ = 318,566 ∑ = 277,017 ∑ = 2,959,006 ∑ = 3,113,943

2020 U.S New Pickup Trucks Sales by Month (All Models)

This sales data table looks at monthly sales performance for the pickup truck segment in the United States on a month to month basis for the entire year so far. It includes all major pickup truck models sold in the U.S market and you can see that the monthly pickup truck sales trends clearly. Seeing the individual pickup truck model sales performance in this way gives you a good sense of the momentum (good or bad).