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One employee of a gas station in Wilmington, North Carolina says the station can go back through their credit card listings from the span of time when consumers were charged just $0.35/gallon and adjust the decimal point back to its proper place. But will they?  

A “glitch” caused massive lineups at the station. The typical North Carolinian is paying around $32 for every ten gallons of gasoline they purchase lately. At one Kangaroo Express on 17th and Wellington, ten gallons of gas totalled just $3.50. Niiiiice. 
At 9 in the morning, an attendant punched in $0.35 for premium instead of $3.35. While the problem wasn’t noticed until 6 in the evening, regular-grade gasoline was priced above $3.00 all day. 

“People had been coming in all day stiffing us, not telling us nothing.” The words of one employee, Shane Weller. I think he’s serious. Somehow, I find it hard to believe that the STORE didn’t discover the problem. 

Here are the links: CNN video and the link.