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Along came an up! Then a Space up!, Space up! Blue, E-up!, and now the latest, the up! Lite. Basically, the Volkswagen up! Lite is a diesel-electric hybrid with a 7-speed direct-shift gearbox and efficiency that puts the Toyota Prius to shame. Sharing bits and pieces with the new Small Car Family of Volkswagens, it’s theoretically possible that the up! Lite could enter every global market, including North America.

With Volkswagen’s tiny concepts flowing free, one begins to wonder whether VW has any intention of settling on one or offering everybody everything. There’s even the L1 Concept – the uber-efficiency with CO2 emissions of just 39 grams/kilometre.
Volkswagen is very proud of the up! Lite’s “Made In Germany” factor and its status as – what would be; in production form – the world’s most environmentally friendly 4-seater. The details are endless, click through the Gallery below for pictoral amusement. Check out this link for more on the original up!. Visitors to the Los Angeles Auto Show will be able to see the up! Lite before anybody else.