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In order to better understand the current state of affairs in the automotive leasing domain, check this morning’s earlier post from If you want to know, and of course you do want to know, which vehicles are leased the most often this year in America, keep reading.

#10 – Jaguar XJ: 65.8% of customers leased
#9 – BMW X3: 67.3% of customers leased
#8 – Audi A4: 68% of customers leased
#7 – BMW 6-Series: 68.6% of customers leased
#6 – Land Rover Range Rover: 69.6% of customers leased
#5 – Mercedes-Benz E-Class: 70% 
The E-Class has a base price of $52,775 for a powerful V6 with a 7-speed automatic. With similar financial scenarios, a 36-month lease would save you close to $100 per month compared with a 60-month purchase.
#4 – BMW Z4: 70.7% 
Achieving close to 30mpg in a BMW roadster ain’t shabby. This $36,700 car was a styling controversy when introduced but, says BMW, can be leased for $379 a month over 36 months.
#3 – Audi A6: 74.1% 
Priced at $42,950, the A6 sedan is a capable beauty that performs in most categories at or near the top of the class. That doesn’t mean it sells with the worldwide force of the E-Class or BMW 5-Series, but Audi is a successful company, thanks in no small part to the A6.
#2 – Saab 9-7X: 82.2%
As AutoEnergy put it, the 9-7X is about as Scandinavian as apple pie and ice cream. Think American at its core. GMC and Chevrolet will sell you less luxurious-but-otherwise-identical vehicles in their showrooms, but if you insist…. the 9-7X starts at $41,145. Presently, it’s possible that leasing a 9-7X would cost you more because of heavy incentives on the purchasing side. 
#1 – BMW 7-Series: 85.3% 
If you can find $1009 every month for the next 36 months, BMW wants to put you in a “well-equipped” (read: basic) 7-Series. That nets you the strange iDrive system, a wild V8, and abundant luxury features. Only 15% of 7-Series customers take it any other way.