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Harsh Canadian winters, even on the mild Atlantic coast, are full of salt and grime. As preventative maintenance, washing one’s car becomes habitual. Difficult; but habitual. Once spring and summer arrive, bringing with them warmer temperatures, car washing is a wholly different experience. The easier the better, right?

If an easy car wash is your cup of tea, it doesn’t get any better than rinsing, soaping, sudsing, and rinsing a smart fortwo. Even in enlarged generation 452 form, the smart fortwo is a ridiculously small car. Its height – the most challenging dimension – is surprising but still completely manageable for a regular-sized human. The financial savings provided by the smart’s tidy proportions may not be as pronounced as the savings smart drivers enjoy at the fuel pump, but you’ll use less water, less soap, and less time at the Rubber Duck Car Wash than on any other car on North American roads.

Pictures from the most recent car wash of’s long-term 2009 smart fortwo pure are in the Gallery below. All photos were shot by The Good Car Girl, aka S on Alfresco Photo.

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