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Superior cargo-carrying proficiency can be found elsewhere. Full-bore towing is a task best undertaken by a larger SUV. Heady acceleration can be more easily accomplished in a truly sporting crossover. The calming influences of luxury aren’t likely to be found in this price bracket.

Then again, the Nissan Xterra can carry an awful lot of junk. At the same time, the Xterra will keep a hefty trailer in line. 261 horsepower ain’t no joke, neither. Air-con, cruise-control, and keyless entry are standard equipment. Need ye more?
Nissan engineered the Xterra in such a way that each and every one of its skills would be maximized. You, your peeps, and the paraphernalia of yours and your peeps travel swiftly and solidly to destinations unknown. Of course the Nissan Xterra is rough and tumble. But a rough and tumble vehicle is perfect for a rough and tumble world.

Engines: 261 horsepower; 281 lb-ft of torque from a 4.0L V6

Base USD Price: $22,450
Cargo Capacity: 65.7 cubic feet behind front row
Towing Capability: 5,000 pounds

City Mileage: 15-16 miles per gallon
Original Flavour: Basic Xterras generate 118 more horsepower than the first Xterra of a decade ago. Admittedly, basic Xterras now weigh about 650 pounds more than the progenitor. More interestingly, the current Nissan Xterra pricing is directly in line with the ’00 model’s when adjusted for inflation.