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The MX-5, formerly known as the Miata in parts, was just introduced to the Bahrain public. It is, as the local Mazda man put it, a “warm companion”. I would argue that every convertible is a warm companion in Bahrain.

Along with the MX-5 comes the CX-9, defined as “futuristic”. Mazda’s point man in Bahrain, a certain Mr. Singh, hit the nail on the head this time, though. “Standing out from existing crossover SUVs the CX-9 is the insightful solution not only to the modern family’s complex needs but also to the enthusiast driver’s desires.” It is a rockin’ family SUV indeed, chosen by MotorTrend as SUV of the Year.

Expect to see a YouTube clip of young men racing across the desert in Mazda’s latest. The CX-9 will use the plenteous straights (like the bridge to Saudi) to keep the roadster in its sights.