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It has got to be one of this week’s most interesting automotive articles.  Jalopnik – and its readers – have compiled a top ten list of the most ridiculous Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.  No, not base price. Few could deny that the Honda Accord is a decent value as a new car, so an Accord mentioned in a Ridiculous MSRP list doesn’t seem right.  But somehow, I think you might agree with Jalopnik’s placement of the Accord coupe on this list.  Follow the link to or check out the brief rundown below.

#10-  Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD LTZ @ $97,011 including $42,000 in options
#9- Lincoln Town Car @ $56,020
#8- smart fortwo passion cabriolet @ $29,928 including about $10K in options
#7- Honda Accord Coupe @ $39,122
#6- Volvo C30 @ $46,792
#5- Mercedes-Benz C300 @ $57,944
#4- BMW 135i @ $52,550
#3- Mini Cooper @ $55,535 (more expensive than the parent brand’s sporty coupe above but with 180bhp less)
#2- Porsche Boxster @ $118,295 trebling the base price
#1- Porsche Cayenne @ $163,573 including $1,880 to match the interior air vents to the exterior colour