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IT’S TIME FOR CRAFTS, KIDS – Scion’s ‘Craft My Ride’

Craft shows can be really cool. It’s true. I’m not kidding around. The sections with home-made toys and fine winter gloves are especially my kinda’thing.

Scion is clearly attempting to tap into that market, at least somewhat. Perhaps the lower age demographic from those shows. Yeah… maybe the lowest age demographic at those shows. Scion is the ultimate accessorizing brand. The car they’ll sell you wants to be modified; inside or out; under the hood or under the dash. Scion’s crave accessories. “… Create a unique car accessory for the Scion vehicle” says the website, “with the winner receiving a 2008 Scion xD.”

The xD just happens to be a Scion that didn’t lose too much of its cool factor during its transformation/redesign because the xA wasn’t the coolest to begin with. The xB gained a ton of weight and required a lot more power to propel itself to a reasonable clip. So, Scion will give you an xD if you create a car accessory, upload images of your new car accessory, upload a description, and pass the judges critique.

What’s a car accessory? Says Scion: “Any item used as an embellishment or as a functional enhancement to the vehicle. This can include classic items such as a key chain, car cover, seat cover, floor mat, steering wheel cover, drink holder, or any other idea that pops into your head.”

As you’d expect, the contest is open only to people who reside in the lower 48 states and D.C. Here’s the link you’ll want if you live in those 49 areas, a link you really should follow if you have a few bones of creativity. Channel your inner Martha Stewart, guys. C’mon. Then check out the Scion’s main website and lobby Toyota to change the winner’s vehicle to a tC.