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Back when Infiniti was in elementary school, figuratively speaking, it became clear very quickly that he/she/it wasn’t like the other kids. Like a good-looking left-handed child with funky eyewear and a knack for upstaging the popular kids on rare occasions, Infiniti rose to prominence by sticking to his/her/its principles and honing his/her/its talents. To be fair, Infiniti didn’t really grow into his/her/its skin until realizing that a bit of normality wouldn’t hurt.

Indeed, it wasn’t until Infiniti’s single mother, Nissan, married a Frenchmen late in life that the Infiniti FX35 and FX45 were born. After a makeover, Infiniti alterred the FX’s birth certificates to say FX35 and FX50. To many eyes, the Infiniti FX lost some of its visual appeal during the makeover. Naturally, others disagree. Any child… er, vehicle this polarizing will be loved by some and, unfortunately, hated by others.
Lovers and haters alike can’t deny the Infiniti’s remarkable sprinting ability. Oft-times it’s been said Infiniti ought to force the FX35 and FX50 into a little weight training, something that would bulk up the FX’s load-lugging competency. FX driverss care not at all – this Infiniti is all about being different, standing out from the pack. Compromises come more easily to those who appreciate unique flavours.

Engines: 303/390 horsepower; 262/369 lb-ft of torque froma 3.5L V6 and a 5.0L V8

Base USD Price: $42,400
Cargo Capacity: 62 cubic feet behind front row
Maximum Towing Capability: 3,500 pounds
City Mileage: 14-16 mpg
Mojave Copper: Not everybody likes the look of the cartoonish Infiniti FX. Every nook and cranny; every swoop and every line is exaggerated. For an even more polarizing effect, Infiniti gives FX buyers the option of Mojave Copper paint, a yellowish-beige meant to make a few particular clients very happy. While at the same time forcing a few onlookers to vomit.