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smart fortwo

Part X of The Good 12, the fortwo built by Mercedez-Benz subsidiary smart, is unfortunately introduced on the heels of the Porsche Boxster. Take note of two things: firstly, inside that stark hallway of differentiation lies the beauty of autodom and secondly; the Boxster and fortwo have more in common than a first glance would have you believe.

Germanity, non-traditional engine placement, engine note, and seating capacity stand out as similarities. As noted in The Good 12 Part VIII, GoodCarBadCar hates boring cars. As much as the Mini Cooper is the antonym of boredom, the smart fortwo (lighting up American roads in 2008) shines as an example of originality, uniqueness, and unconventional thinking.

Up to this point, smart has not been a money-making operating for Daimler, but the little city car is a terrific way for consumers to save $. Not only is the fortwo insanely fuel efficient, it will also be one of the least expensive vehicles on sale in the USA.

Is the smart fortwo a logical purchase for the buyer of The Good 12 Part V, Honda’s Accord? That’s unlikely. Is the smart absolutely perfect for thousands of Americans? Most certainly. So specific are the fortwo’s capabilities; so perfectly will it meet the demands of its buyers.


Engines: 70 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque from a 1.0L three-cylinder.

Mileage: City/highway combined estimation of 40-45mpg.

Base USD Price: $11,590

Anything Else? fortwo’s are available as pure’s and passion’s in the States, as well as passion cabriolet’s which feature a $16,590 base price.