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Let us liken Infiniti’s G35 sedan and G37 coupe to discovering you’d booked your favourite New York City hotel on, at a 25% savings mind you, after already resigning yourself to staying at the Super8.

Landing an Infiniti G is showing up at your favourite restaurant for lunch and realizing the best main course they offer is on special; and with dessert thrown in for free. The buyer determines his or her luxury sports sedan need; spends their money on Infiniti’s G coupe or sedan, and finds a couple extra thousand dollars sitting in their bank account. How’d that happen?

This Infiniti sports sedan took the world by storm when it debuted as a first-generation BMW 3-series competitor. Now in its second iteration, the G35 and G37 don’t need to sell on value – they’re good enough without a price advantage – but if savings Infiniti wants to give, then savings we shall have.


Engines: 306 or 330 horsepower and 268 or 270 lb-ft of torque from a 3.5L V6 (sedan) or 3.7L V6 (coupe).

Mileage: City high = 26mpg. City low = 17mpg.

Base USD Price: $31,600

Anything Else? Individual horsepowers can be had for $103.27 in the sedan, but are ¢0.52 more expensive in the coupe.